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A specialist in clothing design will be the featured artist at the 2018 Quilt Show May 18-19. Sponsored by the Floyd Quilt Guild, the show will again be held at Floyd EcoVillage. Approximately 700 attended the show last year.

As the 2018 featured quilter, Jenna Pynn of Calico and Old Lace will put the focus on wearables. She hopes to connect with other wearable artists at the event and revive interest in that category of competition for future Guild shows.

Pynn said the Quilt Guild was responsible for introducing her to quilting as an art, and quilting has become a passion for her. She now helps to run the Quilt Guild’s boutique, selling fabric, books, magazines, notions and gift items to benefit the Guild. The boutique is part of the Quilt Show.

Calico and Old Lace is a destination on the Floyd Artisan Trail, so every June, visitors get to step inside Pynn’s studio/home, a quaint log cabin she shares with friend/life partner Victor Craighead. Located in the midst of 35 acres in Check, the cabin is surrounded by flower gardens. The landscaping, which Craighead manages, is part of the attraction during the Trail, and visitors come as much to see the flowers as visit with the artist, Pynn noted.

A nurse, Pynn is now in her 28th year of working at St. Albans at the Carilion New River Valley Medical Center. Being semi-retired, she divides her time between nursing and quilting.

Pynn, who grew up in Stafford, near DC, started quilting when she moved to Floyd County in 1985. Her quilted jackets feature unique elements. Using template patterns and a lightbox, she draws pictures of such things as clouds and daylilies on the fabric with disappearing ink and completes with free motion quilting. Construction of the garment occurs last.

Her Seminole patchwork is a distinguishing characteristic of her garments. Appliqued flowers, such as poppies, are heavily embellished with thread and tulle. Beads are added, too. All are ways of making this wearable art come alive.

A lot of her fabric is donated; other fabric is purchased. She now includes satin in her garments.

Pynn said Guild member Nancy Moore opened her world to quilting. Pynn’s mom Molly also taught her how to sew. Through the years, Pynn has continued to add to her knowledge and skills.

The satin material is now used for wedding gowns, and Pynn is in the progress of making her third quilted gown.

One family commissioned Pynn to take three wedding gowns (of two sisters and their mother) and make them into queen size bed runners for the sisters. Upcycling old wedding gowns that otherwise just hang in closets is another way to be creative.

Pynn’s other fun projects include her quilted postcards for all types of occasions. Each card comes with an envelope for mailing. There are also quilted handbags and baby blankets, and she makes children’s clothes.

“People love my jackets,” Pynn added. “You can wear them with jeans or dress them up. Jackets are the draw.” The jackets, which are washable and durable, are mostly worn in fall and spring, but they are also comfortable on cool summer evenings.

Pynn currently has a wall hanging in the lobby of Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The wall hanging was a response to the Blue Ridge Parkway Initiative. “The Bicycle,” completed last July, features various activities – from hiking and canoeing to biking and horseback riding – that are associated with the Parkway.

This artist, who is a member of the Artisan Center of Virginia and Heartwood, challenges herself to do different things and listens to voices of not only teachers in workshops, but also her customers. She is now studying more on color and looking forward to exploring dye painting.

Pynn invites everyone to attend the Quilt Show May 18-19. The hours are 9-4 both days. Admission is $6.

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