Jess Fuller’s Paintings at Herald St | Museum St, London

Through February 9, 2019, paintings by Jess Fuller are on view at Herald St | Museum St, London.

Jess Fuller tells says that her works are mainly a show of her ‘medium-sized’ paintings. She then laughs as she notes that others would probably still consider them large.

“But what might be forwards for Fuller is usually backwards for others in her unique, invented process of painting. It’s a physical, performative painting in several acts — tearing, washing, layering, spraying and sewing. Canvas, for Fuller, is not something that paintings are made on, arriving pre-stretched and primed, but something her paintings are made with. It is as inherent a material as the acrylic and gesso; her compositions are made in consultation with the fabric’s grain, which forms a patchwork cast of irregular-shaped characters. At times they lean on one another, square up to one another; often, they appear as if posing — poised in position like carefully arranged elements of a still life,” writes the gallery press release.

In Fuller’s work, recognizable or biomorphic forms emerge — but they are not always intended as representational. As viewers or bystanders, one can’t help but map shapes from lives onto these abstract, wiggly cutouts.

“Yet, for the artist, they are representative of more than one specific moment or meaning, reflecting an ongoing personal narrative that might lie dormant until it reveals itself in the painting process. Her works’ titles often come from snippets of overheard conversations or pieces of text that might flit by as she moves through the city — ‘Application for After-Life Insurance,’ ‘Lean on me,’ ‘Love thy neighbor — Discreetly’ — and are thus an appliqued vocabulary as hodge-podge as the visual language within the works. Forms, like words, repeat through different paintings, developing a lexicon between marks and colors,” the gallery adds.

On the whole, Fuller’s forms bear witness to this push-pull process that sits between intention and unintention, between painting and sculpture, between abstract and evocation. The artist layers push up against each other in overlapping, exaggerated drama, where awkward silhouettes wriggle and jitter in place.

The exhibition is on view through February 9, 2019, at Herald St | Museum St, 42 Museum St, WC1A 1LY.

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