20 Marvel Supervillains Too Powerful For The Big Screen

Overcoming overwhelming odds has always been part of being a superhero. Stories would be boring if heroes simply batted aside every adversary they faced. While in an ideal, real-world scenario that would be welcome, it doesn’t make for compelling entertainment. This is why we’re presented with villains like Thanos, Killmonger and Hela. These antagonists give […]

Dolly Parton — style icon? The legend’s latest act

Dolly Parton — style icon? The legend’s latest act

Dolly Parton is the It woman of the moment. And thank God: The 72-year-old icon (and this “icon” has earned the title) embodies warmth, confidence and acceptance — which is exactly what we need in our lives right now. In a standout moment from the Gucci Spring 2019 runway, Parton’s face and signature big hair […]

Mary’s tribute to Dan tailor-made

AS well as being a tailor, Dan Callaghan was part of the very fabric of life in his East Cork community, recording much of it for posterity in his writings. Now the late Dan’s granddaughter has produced a book made up of his writings in the Inch/Killeagh community “He was a big-wig,” says Mary, who […]

Michigan Bowhunter Kills 227-inch Monster Whitetail Buck

The day before Halloween 2018, Michigan native Corey Memering walked into the woods near his home, hoping to encounter a deer he and other hunters knew lurked nearby, but almost none had seen with their own eyes. Little did he know, he’d never make it to his treestand, and emerge from the forest within the […]

Art of knitting alters fabric of student’s life – The Miscellany News

A few years ago, my therapist encouraged me to pick up knitting again. She suggested that perhaps a simple creative act on which I could focus and make distinct progress would help calm my anxiety and provide a sense of accomplishment. At the time, I was skeptical; in all past attempts, I’d never quite learned […]

The designer turning mundane items into wildly unconventional footwear

From Nikon camera straps and Gatorade bottles, to Wilson tennis balls and Whole Foods shopping bags, Nicole McClaughlin is changing perceptions with her unique creations Nicole McLaughlin has been into weird shoes since she was a kid. “I had tons of wild skate shoes by Osiris, Etnies and Vans, and those ridiculous Heelys with the wheels […]

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2019 – WWD

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2019 – WWD

Looking to artist Rana Begum’s geometric patterns, optical tricks and fluorescent color palette, Roksanda Ilincic worked up a collection with a sporty-couture feel and a mix of smooth surfaces and rough edges. Highlights included taffeta gowns with pouf sleeves, fabric flower appliqués with frayed edges, and black scribble embroidery.   Roksanda Pre-Fall 2019  Courtesy Photo […]